Vortrag Green mobility at the Austrian Alpine Association, Norman Schmid

Österreichische Tagung für Umweltpsychologie der Universität Wien.

Green mobility at the Austrian Alpine Association – transformation of the mobility to the alps. (Norman Schmid)

In this presentation, the results of a study about green mobility at the Austrian Alpine Association (OeAV) are provided. At the OeAV the mobility is despite buildings (alpine huts, climbing-halls) the major environmental factor of the activities of the association. Up to now there have not been a thoroughful survey of the values, attitudes and behaviors of the members of the OeAV. Furhermore, facts about greenhous-gas emissions of the mobility of the tours of the OeAV are lacking. In this study, there have been undertaken an online-survey of the members of the OeAV with an response of about 2.300 participants. The results show a high agreement with environmental interests and values (93 %), the problem of the motorised private transport (80 %) and the willingness to use more public transport for the transport to the hiking-tours (79 %). The greenhouse gas emissions show about 7 to 14 t CO2e-emissions per section in the year 2019. Based on these findings, an environmental-program for green mobility at the OeAV according to the ISO environmental management system was provided

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